About Me

I'm a full stack web developer, with over a decade of experience working remotely, and in offices. I have a strong knowledge of online advertising, analytics and SAAS platforms. I'm extremely passionate about Web Development, and I have a talent for solving problems. My career goal is to work on software that makes a difference in the world.

Professional Skills

I have experience with each of the following technologies and skills:

Back End

  • Full LAMP (Linux, Apache/NGINX/Lighttpd, Mysql, PHP) stack
  • Node.js
  • Linux Server Administration
  • MVC Frameworks - Symfony, Laravel, Django, Ruby on Rails
  • Job Queues - Gearman
  • Web Scraping
  • Restful APIs - Developing and Using
  • Soap Services
  • Key Value Stores - Memcached, Redis
  • Blog Platforms - Wordpress, Jekyll
  • Server-side Scripting - PHP, Python, Ruby, Bash
  • Micro Service Development - AWS Lambda/GoLang
  • Amazon Web Services(AWS, including S3, RDS, SM, EC2)
  • Testing - Behat, PHPUnit, Cucumber

Front End

  • Javascript libraries - JQuery, Require.js, EJS, Underscore.js
  • Javascript Frameworks - AngularJS, Ember JS, Vue.js
  • CSS3
  • HTML5
  • CSS Preprocessors - SASS, LESS
  • HTML frameworks - Bootstrap, 960GS
  • Templating Systems - Twig, Blade, Jinja2, EJS, Mustache, Handlebars


  • Version Control - GIT
  • SEO
  • 4+ years experience with the Right Media (RMX) advertising API
  • Actionscript 3
  • C#
  • Image Manipulation - GIMP

Previous Employment


2019 - Present

Lead Application Developer

MyWifiNetworks Helps brick-and-mortar locations capture social data, analyze visitor metrics and automate loyalty marketing using guest WiFi.

  • Oversaw an in-office and distributed team of developers
  • Introduced automated tools and processes to speed up development work
  • Transitioned legacy codebases to modern and updated frameworks
  • Set up system documentation to help with onboarding and setting up third party integrations
  • Created and implemented code guidelines and testing plans, to maintain software quality
  • Made specifications based on product needs and third party API documentation

V1 WorldWide

2018 - 2019

Senior Developer

V1 builds stand-alone startups and teams that are customized specifically to the unique end goals of their partners.

  • Provided work estimates and technical planning for product managers
  • Interfaced with clients to provide technical solutions to proposed problems
  • Oversaw a distributed team, and made sure junior members had the support and guidance needed


2014 - 2018


ActiveCampaign is a marketing platform focused on email marketing & marketing automation for small businesses, with over 100,000 happy customers.

  • Refactored legacy code to modern standards
  • Created a bulk editing system allowing mass changes to thousands of contacts
  • Had a major role in developing and maintaining a drag and drop email designer, possibly the most sophisticated WYSIWYG email designer on the market.
  • Worked on building attributions pipelines, to help users better understand where contacts and conversions have come from

Media Shakers

2012 - July

Web Developer

Media Shakers is a large online advertising company, focused on Publishers. During my work at MediaShakers, two major accomplishments have been developing multiple tools to streamline the creation of, and editing of, advertising campaigns. What used to be an all day task for multiple people, can now be completed by one person in under an hour. I also set up monitoring software to track the performance of campaigns, so that accurate optimization and reach analysis can be performed.

  • Created a report indexing system, in C#, that automatically pulled daily data from client systems
  • Designed and implemented a bulk editing tool, that allowed complex mass changes to be made to multiple campaigns in a fraction of the time required to do it manually.
  • Manually checking click tags for flash banners was time consuming and error prone, so I developed a tool that would automatically disassemble flash files into bytecode, and then perform inspections to verify the existence of functional click tags

Media Impacts

2008 - 2012

Web Developer

Media Impacts is an online advertising network. During my work at Media Impacts, some of my tasks included:

  • Creating landing pages
  • Building custom reporting solutions, pulling data from multiple systems
  • Automating manual tasks

Self Employed

September 2006 - October 2008

I first entered the field of Web Development by creating websites from scratch, both front and back end. My most notable achievement was the building of ImageChan, which I sold in October of 2008. At its peak, ImageChan had 30,000 unique visitors per day, and had a US Alexa rank of 18,000.

Creating a high traffic, social website from scratch gave me strong experience in each stage of Web Development, from Server Administration, Database Architecture and Optimization, to SEO, Growing traffic through Social media and analysing traffic sources.